AUTODIM - Automatic Dimensioning

Quicker than lightning

AutoDims patented technology blows other dimensioners away at a fraction of the cost. In just 2/10ths of a second it grabs certified - accurate dimensions from any shape.


Quickest to use, too

Just toss an item under the head – no special placement needed. Instantly, automatically, data is recorded straight into your Portal. No grid to line up with, no buttons to push, no training, and no waiting.


Certified accuracy on any shape

Boxes, flats, polybags, tubes – you name it, AutoDim dimensions it quicker than you can blink. Nothing else can match it.

Plus barcodes, OCR, and a photo

Dimensioning is just the beginning. In a single scan, AutoDim simultaneously captures every piece of data: barcodes, addresses, text, and a photo watermarked with critical data.

  • Sub-second, certified-accurate dimensions


  • Certified accurate on cube and non-cube items: irregular and unsymmetrical shapes including parcels, poly-bags, flats, tubes, circles, etc.


  • Totally automatic scanning with no special alignment or training required.


  • Provides image of each scanned item, watermarked with critical data for claim protection and verification.


  • Optimal ergonomic design.


  • Tough industrial-grade construction; handsome enough for retail.


  • Rock-solid reliability with no moving parts.


  • Compact footprint fits anywhere from crowded counters to busy conveyor lines.


  • Complete hardware and software included. No extra anything needed.


  • Use standalone or integrate easily with our web-based interface.


  • Order with an integrated scale, use your existing scale or no scale at all.


  • No dangerous lasers for total workplace safety. Install anywhere with no worries.


  • Made in the USA.

AUTOWEIGH - Automatic Weight Capture

Simplifiying shipping

The AutoWEIGH sytem allows you to send package weights straight to the World Options Portal with a click of the mouse. When used with the AutoDIM, both weight and dimensions will be captured, completely eradicating a portion of the shipment process.


Start small

AutoWeigh can be integrated as a stand alone integration piece, making it a great starting point in the effort to automate your shipping department.


Latest technology, built to last

AutoWeigh has all features that you would expect from a warehouse scale; with the magic of being able to communicate to our shipping Portal! Along with AutoWeigh's rugged and heavy duty design it's a no brainer for busy shipping departments.

  • Sub-second, certified-accurate weights


  • Automatic weight capture with no special calibration or training required.


  • Optimal ergonomic design.


  • Tough industrial-grade construction


  • Rock-solid reliability with a simple two button operation


  • Compact footprint fits anywhere from crowded counters to busy conveyor lines.


  • Complete hardware and software included. No extra anything needed.


  • Integrate easily with AutoDims web-based interface.


  • Made in the USA.

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